Citroen Berlingo First Review

Citroen Berlingo First

Citroen Berlingo First

Not satisfied with launching the new Citroen Berlingo in 2008, Citroen decided that there was life left in the outgoing model.  Rebranded as the Citroen Berlingo First, the van is highly competitively priced for those van buyers who are less bothered with cutting-edge technology and are happy to save money on a cheaper version that has proved its reliability thanks to the hundreds of thousands of units that have been sold in the decade that Citroen has marketed the Berlingo.  

Environmentally the Citroen Berlingo First keeps pace with the competition, thanks to the 1.6 HDi Euro 5 engine and payloads and loadspace are more than acceptable.

Citroen has recently upgraded the Citroen Berlingo First by increasing the payload from 600kg to 750kg and has named the model the Berlingo First 750.  Added to the vehicle is additional underbody protection and changes to the suspension, increasing the overall GVW of the van and improving the towing capacity. 

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