Citroen Will Introduce New Berlingo Next Month

For 2016, the Berlingo benefits from an all Euro 6 engine line-up and new Enterprise models

For 2016, the Berlingo benefits from an all Euro 6 engine line-up and new Enterprise models

The Citroen Berlingo is a market leader in terms of sales in the UK, getting almost a fifth of all registrations in its segment last year. And the next generation of this van is set to be unveiled in full during the Commercial Vehicle Show, which will take place at the NEC in Birmingham in late April.

The French manufacturer is not planning to delay things after unveiling the new Berlingo at the event, as models will go on sale in May, giving it a chance to further bolster its position in the marketplace, both as a commercial vehicle and an MPV.

All of the engines found on board the upcoming generation of the Berlingo will be Euro 6 compliant, with both petrol and diesel models adhering to stricter regulations on emissions which also provide benefits such as lower fuel consumption.

An Impeccable Driving Experience

While Citroen has not provided information on the full specifications of the engines, or indeed the technical capabilities of the 2016 edition of the Berlingo as a whole, it is expected that all will be revealed during CVS when it starts on April 26th.

The commercial versions of the new Berlingo are thought to be getting their own BlueHDi engine technology and Euro 6 seal of approval, with a number of new trim levels and enterprise-specific options being put on the table.

Efficiency and sustainability are important considerations for van buyers, but Citroen has also committed to making sure that the new Berlingo offers an impeccable driving experience. It should be a little more refined than some other commercial vehicles while also offering plenty of practical features and a competitive load capacity to keep business users content.

Extra Technology in the Cab

The current generation of the Berlingo panel van can cope with payloads of up to 896kg and has a maximum load space volume of 4.1 cubic metres. It can be procured along with a number of Citroen’s enterprise features, such as extended servicing and roadside-assist options.

The newcomer will bring extra technology to the cab, with a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a wealth of connectivity options ensuring that drivers and passengers are happy to spend time on board. A digital radio and Bluetooth for voice calling and media streaming come as part and parcel of the latest Berlingo, with Citroen pointing out that these features are not normally found on commercial vehicles.

The Extenso cabin adds an additional seat up front so that three can sit side by side on board the Berlingo. And the seats themselves are surprisingly flexible and versatile, folding down to provide working space and more storage room as and when necessary.

Attendees of CVS 2016 will be able to get an up close and personal look at all that the latest Berlingo panel van has to offer in its various guises, as well as seeing many rival models which will be on display at this year’s event. Meanwhile, used Berlingos can still be purchased by those in need of an inexpensive van option.

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