Electric Berlingo Van Family Updated

Citroen has just announced the arrival of the Berlingo Electric L2 550 LX.

Citroen has just announced the arrival of the Berlingo Electric L2 550 LX.

Citroen has just announced the arrival of a new addition to its electric van range, entering an increasingly competitive sphere of the LCV marketplace with a model that should produce zero emissions and be especially well suited to operating in towns and cities.

Commercial Fleet reports that the Berlingo Electric L2 550 LX has a longer and larger cargo area than its L1 counterpart, with a total load volume of 3.7 cubic metres. This makes it a practical choice for commercial users who need additional room to accommodate equipment and goods.

As with other electric vans, the Berlingo adopts a battery set-up that means there is no need to compromise on load volume when compared with its diesel-engine sibling. There are also other features included as standard, such as sliding doors on both sides to make loading and unloading easier in cramped conditions.

Working With Customers

Citroen has consulted its customers to find out what features they would like to see included as part of the new Berlingo Electric package, with the result being that a Type 2 charging cable is bundled with the van to make it possible to draw power from a wide range of access points throughout the UK.

The electric power train itself remains the same as those that have already been seen on earlier Berlingo vans, with an optimal output of 67hp achieved via the motors. Torque tops out at 200Nm, and because there are no gears, this is available as soon as the driver accelerates, providing excellent pulling performance even at slow speeds.

Citroen promises a range of 106 miles can be achieved if the Berlingo Electric L2 is driven in an efficient fashion, meaning it should be able to accommodate a full day of driving on urban streets before it needs to be recharged. Furthermore, it benefits from rapid charge compatibility, meaning it takes just half an hour for the battery to hit 80% of its total capacity, which is ideal for emergencies and time-sensitive operations.

The intelligent braking system means that energy which would normally go to waste can instead be redirected to keep the batteries topped up while the van is on the move. And with a variety of government grants available for EVs of this kind, it is possible to drive down the cost of buying a zero-emissions Berlingo in the UK.

Greener Driving

Furthermore, the fact that it does not generate any harmful gasses or particles means that it will avoid having to pay the hefty charges that are levelled against polluting vehicles when driving in cities like London. This could save businesses thousands of pounds a year alone, giving a greater incentive to consider EV adoption.

The Berlingo Electric L2 is not the only commercial EV available on the market at the moment, with rivals like the Nissan e-NV200 helping to boost competition and ensure that buyers are able to get a good deal. With used electric vans also available, there is no need to stick to brand new models.

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