Citroen Dispatch 2012 Model Review

Citroen Dispatch 2012 Model

Citroen Dispatch 2012 Model

In 2012, Citroen enlarged the Berlingo, giving it a load volume approaching four cubic metres. This was excellent news for customers of the Berlingo, but it did leave the Citroen Dispatch a little high and dry. With just a slight advantage in load space, it was fair to question exactly how relevant the Citroen Dispatch now was. For many operators, however, the answer was that the Citroen Dispatch was very relevant indeed. It is still a little bigger than the Berlingo, with a load space of five cubic metres, and it offers a winning blend of car-like performance, economy and stylish good looks.

The Citroen Dispatch has been around in the UK for a long time, since 1998 to be exact, and it benefited from a significant overhaul in 2012 that resulted in a fresher look and more competitive spec. Used Citroen Dispatch vans from this period are therefore a particularly good bet. Post-2012 vans have a refreshed front grille with new mirror, headlamps and door handles. There is also a fairly effective panel underneath the van that directs the airflow more efficiently and thus reduces fuel consumption. Some models of the Citroen Dispatch have an optional tailgate and the vans also offer a comprehensive Grip Control pack, which throws in bigger tyres, stability control, hill-start assist and traction control. This could be an especially good choice for those operators working in rural areas or on deliveries to construction sites.

The Dispatch Range

The Citroen Dispatch comes with either a long or short wheelbase, and it also has a choice of two roof heights. In terms of body options, it comes as a platform cab, six or nine-seat combi, panel van or crew van. Under the bonnet you get a choice of a 2.0 litre turbo diesel engine with common rail fuel injection delivering 125bhp or a 1.6 litre version with a 90bhp output. The short-wheelbase 1.6 version was aimed at the fleet market and therefore sold in greater numbers. That makes them more plentiful on the second-hand van market. Even on this workaday version, the spec is pretty good and extends to a pair of side loading doors, electric windows and mirrors, rear parking sensors and air conditioning. The Citroen Dispatch was also fitted with a steel bulkhead and Bluetooth connectivity as standard, but electronic stability control was an optional extra.

The standard Trafficmaster system offers stolen-vehicle tracking, sat-nav and even fleet management functionality, and it also has an inbuilt emergency phone to speak to Trafficmaster operators. Fuel economy was a reasonable 42.2mpg when driving on the combined cycle, and the van cost just over £17,000 new.

Dispatch Interior

In the cab, you will find three seats, although space is a bit tight for three adults. The storage space has been well designed, however, with plenty of bins for your bits and pieces. The seats are large and comfortable, and the adjustable steering wheel makes it easy to find a good driving position. The standard load space of five cubic metres is good, and this can be increased to seven cubic metes by going for the long-wheelbase and high-roof version. The engine is smooth, and the smaller 1.6 litre version offers enough power for the vast majority of users. With its car-like road manners, a used Citroen Dispatch will undoubtedly find favour with a certain segment of the market.

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