UK’s Most Fuel-Efficient LCVs ranked

When it comes to mid-sized panel vans, the current winner for fuel-efficiency is the Citroen Dispatch.

When it comes to mid-sized panel vans, the current winner for fuel-efficiency is the Citroen Dispatch.

2017 is set to be another big year for the van market in the UK, with sales continuing an upward trend in spite of economic uncertainty on the horizon. And a new report from Auto Express has highlighted the LCVs which offer the lowest fuel costs thanks to their innately efficient designs. This is information which could help guide buying decisions in the coming months.

Double Success for Ford

The most efficient van based on a car is the Ford Fiesta Van, which can achieve 88.3 miles to the gallon when the 1.5 litre ECOnetic diesel engine is chosen. Even the base model 1.25 litre petrol version can get 54.3 miles to the gallon, meaning it is a generally efficient option suitable for those who want a car-like driving experience matched with commercial capabilities.

Ford is a winner again in the small van category, with the Transit Courier ECOnetic 1.5 TDCi managing to squeeze 76.3 miles of travel out of every gallon of fuel it burns. This is made possible in part thanks to the fact that this model comes with an automatic engine start-stop function which kicks in during extended periods of idling to prevent diesel being wasted.

The Fiat Fiorino Cargo is only a little less efficient, with its 1.3 litre Multijet 80 engine boasting an efficiency rating of 74.3mpg, and its own start-stop functionality gives it a similarly impressive economic boost.

Citroen Comes Out on Top for Mid-Sized Vans

When it comes to mid-sized panel vans, the current winner is the Citroen Dispatch, which thanks to the clever engineering of its 1.6 BlueHDi engine can get 55.4mpg when driven carefully. It shares this title with the Peugeot Expert, which is of course just a rebadged version of the same underlying van developed by PSA.

Citroen manages to translate this same class-leading efficiency into the Relay, which can get 48.7mpg with the 2.0 litre BlueHDi engine under the bonnet. Stop-start technology rears its head again here, showing just how big of a role it plays in avoiding excessive fuel consumption.

Navara Triumphs for Pickups

The pickup segment has grown massively in the UK over the past couple of years, so buyers will want to know just which truck can meet their off-road needs without costing more to fill up at the pump. The top choice here at the moment is the Nissan Navara, which with a 2.3 litre dCi engine is able to achieve 44.9mpg, so long as the two-wheel-drive variant is chosen. However, adding 4WD and an automatic gearbox sees this drop slightly to 40.3mpg.

The Fiat Fullback, a newcomer to the world of pickup trucks, is impressive in its efficiency as well, hitting 44.2mpg in its double-cab set-up.

Fuel prices are currently on the rise after a period of steady decline, with the weakening of the pound and the prospects of hard Brexit likely to mean that this problem is only going to get worse going forwards. So buying a used van or pickup truck which will not burn through diesel too quickly is a sensible idea in the UK.

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