Fiat Fiorino Crowned UK’s Most Unexpectedly Efficient Van

Fiat Fiorino

Fiat Fiorino

Van buyers are usually advised to take any official figures on fuel economy provided by manufacturers with a pinch of salt, since these statistics tend to overstate the real-world capabilities of an LCV and hide its true day-to-day consumption levels.

However, the 2016 MPG Marathon sought to challenge this concept and prove that in fact with the right driving style and a little luck it is possible to squeeze more miles to the gallon out of vans than originally advertised.

This year’s competition saw a Fiat Fiorino van with a 1.3 litre MultiJet engine come out on top by achieving the biggest difference between the advertised fuel economy and what it achieved when driven by two professionals over a route running for 388 miles around the UK, according to Business Vans.

Above and Beyond Expectations

The LCVs involved in the challenge were not competing to see which was the most efficient, but which could go above and beyond expectations. And by hitting 72.08mpg while under the control of former logistics specialist Doug Powell, it was almost 7mpg more efficient than Fiat’s official ratings would suggest.

Fiat Professional spokesperson Alejandro Noriega said that his firm was pleased to see just how well the Fiorino was able to perform in this event, and he argued that this was especially relevant at a time when van buyers were more concerned with fuel economy, eco-friendliness and upkeep costs than ever before.

MPG Marathon representative Jerry Ramsdale explained that the challenge was a testament to the fact that economical driving techniques can make a real difference to the consumption and ultimately the costs associated with running a van. He said that businesses should invest in ensuring that drivers are well trained in these methods, since the cumulative impact can be significant.

Second Place for the Vauxhall VXR8 Maloo

Second place in the marathon went to a Vauxhall VXR8 Maloo, which is hardly the most efficient or eco-friendly LCV on paper as a result of its 6.2 litre engine. But even this outlandish beast was tamed by its driver and returned a 10.67 per cent improvement on the official economy figures, hitting 27.47 miles to the gallon over the course of the event.

The more sedate Citroen Dispatch panel van was in third place, delivering a 6.54 per cent boost to its economy figures when driven in a manner that was far more efficient than even the manufacturer expected to be the norm.

What really needs to be taken away from this is not only that vans can exceed efficiency expectations when compared with manufacturer figures, but that the gap between the optimal driving style and what normal drivers can achieve is even greater still.

Engine technology is improving to become cleaner and greener all the time, but there is still a lot of responsibility lying in the hands of drivers to make sure that their vans can hit economy figures which are close to or even exceed those included in the marketing material, which is something to consider.

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