Fiat Fiorino Adventure Review

Fiat Fiorino Adventure

Fiat Fiorino Adventure

Some van operators work in the type of environments where four-wheel drive is a real consideration. For vans that have to access rough construction, industrial or agricultural sites, it can begin to look like a good idea. The trouble is that the economic arguments often don’t stack up. Four-wheel-drive vans are more expensive to buy and maintain. They also have an impact on fuel economy, making them more expensive to run, too. Another issue is that for the vast majority of operators, the four-wheel-drive requirement is pretty intermittent and also fairly limited. For the most part, we are simply talking about operators wanting their vans not to get stuck in some mud or rutted ground.

Fiorino Adventure – Almost a 4×4

For these operators, the Fiat Fiorino Adventure could be the perfect compromise. This is a front-wheel-drive van with the addition of Fiat’s Traction + system. The system features an electronic differential lock mechanism which greatly increases grip in snowy or muddy conditions. The system works by sensing when a wheel is losing grip and then transferring power to another wheel with more grip. This greatly improves the traction of the vehicle, and it doesn’t requires any driver input to activate the system, so the van simply sends power to the wheel that needs it and can use it. Other benefits over a traditional four-wheel-drive system are that it has no impact on fuel economy and doesn’t increase van running costs.

The Fiat Fiorino Adventure also has a few other advantages to make it suitable for this type of work. It has increased ground clearance and beefier suspension, along with light alloy wheels and added protection under the engine bay to prevent damage from grounding on rough terrain. It also has better protection under a lowered front bumper and along the van sides. With the added roof bars, the Fiat Fiorino Adventure looks much like a regular Fiorino on steroids. It cost around £1,500 more than the standard van when new, but a large part of this additional cost will already have been lost to depreciation on a used Fiat Fiorino Adventure.

Engine and Emissions

The Fiat Fiorino Adventure is powered by a 1.3 litre diesel engine rated at 95bhp. This is an uplift on the standard van’s 75bhp power plant, but it is still extremely economical, returning just shy of 66mpg on the combined cycle. CO2 emissions are 113g/km. These frugal figures are achieved at least in part by the use of the van’s stop-start system, which is standard on the Fiat Fiorino Adventure and saves around 16% on fuel when run in urban environments.

In the cabin, the driver will find comfortable seats that wrap around the body, giving great support and reducing problems with back ache. The van is also quiet and smooth out on the open road, making for a relaxing shift behind the wheel. In common with many car-derived vans, handling is crisp and assured and offers few unpleasant surprises. There is plenty of body protection in the form of black plastic armour, which should protect the Fiat Fiorino Adventure from the worst effects of off-road driving. Load space is 2.8 cubic metres with the passenger seat folded down, and electronic stability control is standard. Taken together, these features of the Fiat Fiorino Adventure make it a viable alternative to a more expensive four-wheel-drive van.

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