Latest Hard Cover Capitalises on Popularity Of Pickup Trucks

Truckman Max Top

Truckman Max Top

Pickup trucks have been cited as helping to prop up growth in the UK’s LCV market in recent months, so it is no surprise to see third-party manufacturers seeking to ride the wave of success being enjoyed by this segment at the moment.

Truckman is one such firm, having just announced a new range of hard covers which are widely compatible with the most popular pickup models sold in Britain at the moment, according to Business Vans.

It is possible to buy a Max Hardtop which is suitable for use with pickups, including the recently introduced Fiat Fullback as well as long-standing staples of the market like the Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi L200.

Most trucks are sold with an exposed load bed which is open to the elements. This may be adequate when dealing with cargo that will not be damaged by rain, snow and sun, but for commercial operators who want more protection and security, a hard top is a sensible secondary investment.

The Max Hardtop is not just intended to be compatible with plenty of big-selling pickups: it also features some advanced capabilities which make it more than just a simple shell.

First on its list of features is integrated remote central locking, meaning it can be secured or opened from a distance without having to fish out a key and put it in the lock directly.

Next up is the fitting method, which makes use of heavy-duty clamps that can hold the cover in place without the need to drill into the body of the pickup itself to achieve the same effect.

The interior of the load bed, with the cover attached, can become a much more durable and practical place thanks to carpet lining and lighting that illuminates the area for ease of access at night.

The colour of the hard top will of course be keyed to make sure that it matches the truck that it is used to protect. And with optional roof bars available on the top, there will be even more storage options for owners who value flexibility above all else.

The integrated windows enable ventilation levels to be adjusted, while locking mechanisms mean that they are not a weak point in terms of security. The windows can also be a deterrent in themselves, enabling owners to show that nothing valuable has been left in the load area when the truck is unattended.

The materials used in the construction of the Max Hardtop range are fully recyclable, which is a welcome sign of the sustainability at the core of the design. And as well as appealing to business users, it is hoped that these features will target the lifestyle crowd as well.

Other pickup trucks which can be used in conjunction with this hard cover range include the big-selling Ford Ranger and the premium-grade VW Amarok. It seems likely that when the Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup is launched later this year, it too will get its own cover from Truckman.

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