Ford Fiesta Sport Van Review

Ford Fiesta Sport Van

Ford Fiesta Sport Van

In many ways, this is the day of the crossover. Saloons have become SUVs, and small hatches have been transformed into MPVs. It was only a matter of time before such crossover fever infected the world of vans, and that has certainly happened with the Ford Fiesta Sport Van. At first glance, it may be hard to discern the attraction of such a van, or indeed whether it is a van at all. On the other hand, many manufacturers are keen to use more flexible modern manufacturing techniques to fill a greater number of smaller market niches, and the Ford Fiesta Sport Van will certainly do that.

Not all businesses need the load capacity of a big van, and some already use car-based vans. These can deliver excellent fuel economy and also a more car-like driving experience, which can be a real boon for some operators. Other organisations are more image-conscious and want a vehicle that reflects a more high-end style. Again, the Ford Fiesta Sport Van delivers in this respect. Finally, some operators may actually want to blur the boundaries between vans and cars. This allows them to offer certain valued employees the opportunity to drive something that more closely resembles a company car than a van.

The Ford Fiesta Sport Van has been extensively updated as part of the company's strategy to completely overhaul its van range over the next two years. It forms part of Ford's Sport range, a clever marketing approach which gives the vans attractive and sporty looks but does not offer any increase in power over the standard vans. This lets employees drive a stylish-looking van and conveys the right image, but it does not provide any encouragement for the drivers to drive more quickly, risking accidents and reducing fuel economy. However, the Ford Fiesta Sport Van is in no way slow. It has 95bhp under the bonnet and as a small, light van it offers plenty of acceleration. Perhaps a far more impressive statistic, however, is the fuel economy offered by the 1.6 TDCi diesel common rail engine. It returns an astonishing 78.5 mpg on the combined cycle while emitting just 95g/km CO2. The Ford Fiesta Sport Van also has a decent one cubic metre of load space and a 505kg payload capability. Not bad for such a small van.

Clearly, however, a big part of the Ford Fiesta Sport Van's attraction will be its looks and specification, and it does not disappoint. The package includes sports seats, air-con, power folding mirrors, body-coloured side skirts, scuff seats, quick-heating windscreen, leather steering wheel and sports-style bumpers. There is also USB connectivity and electronic stability control along with a reassuring number of airbags.

Clearly, the Ford Fiesta Sport Van will not be appropriate for every user. However, that excellent fuel economy figure emphasises the logic of not going for a bigger van if you don't need the space. Many drivers will love the looks, and the compact dimensions could mean that the Ford Fiesta Sport Van is particularly effective around town.

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