Stylish Fiesta Van Model Introduced by Ford

Stylish Fiesta Van Model Introduced by Ford

Stylish Fiesta Van Model Introduced by Ford

At last week’s CV Show in Birmingham there were plenty of LCVs on display which had already been given some publicity by their manufacturers ahead of the event.

Ford took a different approach with its own unveiling, as no one was warned ahead of time that it would be introducing an all-new derivation of the compact Fiesta Van.

The Fiesta Sport Van is actually the most compact LCV that Ford offers, as it stopped making its smallest range of commercial vehicles back in 2016. It clearly believes that the time is right for the rebirth of the range, although not before thinking carefully about how to pitch this model at the marketplace to make the biggest impact.

As the name suggests, the Sport Van is tweaked to look as sporty and fashionable as possible, with an aggressive grille, angular headlights and curves in all the right places.

Ford spokesperson Owen Gregory explained that there were a couple of key target audiences for this model, including technical engineers and vehicle sign writers, according to Business Vans.

For operations in cities and towns, where a smaller vehicle is desirable and the more compact cargo area will still be big enough to accommodate the right type of tools and equipment, this van should be ideal.

The load bay has a volume of one cubic metre and can handle objects of up to 1.3 metres in length. Its payload capacity tops out at half a tonne, and there is a mesh bulkhead that provides protection for the driver and passenger, as well as protective elements installed on the floor and sidewall to prevent damage being done.

Engine options include a standard 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol power plant as well as a 1.5 litre turbo diesel alternative. So while the Fiesta Sport Van may sound like it has a lot of power under the bonnet, the truth is that this is more of a branding exercise and an indication of its stylishness rather than its speed.

The cab will be much like that of the standard Fiesta passenger cars, which means it comes with a fully featured infotainment system that can synchronise with iPhone handsets as well as mobiles powered by Android. With an eight inch screen, this system is far from being basic, yet it is included as a standard feature.

Ford has added a range of capabilities related to keeping the driver and other road users safe, such as traffic sign recognition technology to provide alerts about the speed limit. There is also the option to restrict the top speed of the van according to the owner or fleet operator’s requirements, which can have the added benefit of reducing fuel consumption and encouraging good driving habits behind the wheel.

Ford is planning to confirm the pricing of the Fiesta Sport Van within the next couple of months, when it will also start taking orders ahead of delivering the first examples to its UK customers before the end of the year.


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