Van Ownership Reaches New Peak

The Toyota Proace was one of the vans launched at the CV Show 2016

The Toyota Proace was one of the vans launched at the CV Show 2016

More vans are being used by businesses across the UK today than at any point in the past, according to the latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

With a 4.3 per cent annual increase in the number of commercial vehicles on the roads, the total now sits at just over four million. And with a 1.2 per cent growth in sales recorded in the first three months of the year, it looks like this figure is only set to rise as economic improvements continue to boost consumer confidence and fuel business investments.

As in previous quarters, one of the main catalysts of van sales has been the ongoing rise in popularity of online shopping, with people continuing to flock to e-commerce sites to place orders which invariably have to be delivered by LCVs.

New Vans Debuted at the CV Show 2016

The annual mileage achieved by vans in the UK is estimated to be 45 billion, while at last week’s Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham there were more exhibitors debuting new vans than ever before, reflecting the growth in demand across the country and the continent as a whole.

Report spokesperson Mike Hawes said that the economy of the UK was increasingly reliant on its transport infrastructure and the commercial vehicles which support it in order to flourish. He also said that modern vans were embracing ecologically sound and sustainable engine technologies in order to lessen their environmental impact in spite of the increased levels of ownership.

In reference to the CV Show 2016, Hawes said that it was the perfect place for manufacturers to showcase new vans and pick-ups, as well as demonstrate the advances that are being made under the skin to make LCVs a viable long-term investment.

Modern Engines- A Good Investment

Vans are by far the biggest contributors to the total number of miles that CVs of all sizes cover in the UK each year. And road transport remains accountable for the highest volume of goods being delivered, easily outstripping other forms of transport.

Later in the year the full force of the Euro 6 emissions regulations will be brought to bear on the van market, meaning that no new models will be able to be registered in the UK unless they have proven that they are capable of meeting the stricter requirements laid out by experts. Although of course used vans with older Euro 5 and Euro 4 engines will still be available to buy, offering a different type of environmental benefit to owners.

Opting for a van with a modern engine that adheres to emissions regulations is sensible not just because of the environmental advantages and positive marketing that can be oriented around this type of investment, but also because of the improved economy that is offered. Reducing CO2 and nitrous oxide outputs, as well as filtering harmful particles from exhaust fumes, will lead to lower fuel consumption and thus provide businesses with an opportunity to save more money over the life of a vehicle, even if it is a second-hand van.

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