Ford Tourneo Custom L2 2.2 Review

Ford Tourneo Custom L2 Reviewed

Ford Tourneo Custom L2 Reviewed

Based on the Ford Transit Custom long wheelbase, the Tourneo Custom L2 2.2 TDCi is a van with an excellent pedigree. It has superb build quality, even when compared with the previous Transit models, and this is evident throughout the van. Ford has been taking this recipe and has built it out into a range of models to suit almost ever niche. This particular model, the Tourneo Custom L2 2.2 TDCi, is kitted out with no fewer than nine seats and each benefits from a full complement of legroom to accommodate even the tallest occupant. Even though it is based on that long-wheelbase Transit, it is still surprising how Ford has managed to squeeze so much useful space into this package.

Great Looks and Practical too

Even if all the seats are in use, the Tourneo Custom L2 2.2 TDCi still offers up a whopping 2.5 cubic metres of load space, meaning that all those passengers can still carry their luggage or gear. Put in context, that is nearly the same load space as you get in a Transit Connect. On the other hand, the price is quite large too, and a fully loaded variant might set you back around £29,400 new (plus VAT). To be fair, though, Ford has made sure that you do get a lot of van for your money. The Tourneo Custom L2 2.2 TDCi boasts a pair of sliding doors, carpeting throughout, helpful parking sensors to front and rear, body-coloured bumpers, cruise control and alloy wheels. And that is just for starters. There is also a long list of additional equipment you would be hard-pressed to find on another panel van anywhere.

Safe and Practical

In common with all the Ford van range, the Tourneo Custom L2 2.2 TDCi benefits from electronic stability control (ESC) as a standard fit. This makes it a safe and stable vehicle and helps the van cope with the differing weight configurations and distributions that can be caused by removing all the seats. This feature makes the Tourneo Custom L2 2.2 TDCi a very practical van indeed. As a multi-tasker, it can be a capacious van to swallow up huge loads one day and a classy people carrier the next. Take just some of the seats out, and it can be a combination of both. It is easy to see the attraction of this van in various roles, and it could make an excellent workhorse for many companies.


Pop the bonnet and you will find Ford's seasoned 2.2 TDCi turbo diesel engine, pumping out 155bhp and a useful 284lb-ft torque. Check out the body work on the Tourneo Custom L2 2.2 TDCi and you will find the Econetic badge. This designation means that the van features some excellent economy-boosting technologies such as stop-start engine cut-out and a speed limiter set at 70mph. In these days of omnipresent speed cameras, this could be a feature that saves money and licence points as well as fuel. The resultant fuel consumption figure is an impressive 43.5mpg when the Tourneo Custom L2 2.2 TDCi is driven on the combined cycle. Bear in mind, however, that this figure will be reduced substantially with a full load of people or kit.

However, the Tourneo Custom L2 2.2 TDCi is an excellent package that offers real quality and flexibility on a proven platform.

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