Unique Pickup Trucks from Isuzu Announced

Unique Pickup Trucks from Isuzu Announced

Unique Pickup Trucks from Isuzu Announced

Two intriguing new Isuzu D-Max models have been given their preliminary showing in public over the past week, with one appearing at the CV Show in Birmingham and the other being launched shortly after it ended.

First up is the Stealth D-Max, which has been created thanks to a collaboration between Isuzu and popular third-party custom vehicles company Arctic Trucks.

As the name suggests, this limited-edition pickup comes with an all-black exterior design, with everything from the logo on the grille to the rims being coloured in an inky hue. The results are understandably stylish, lending a formal air to what is an otherwise practical and powerful commercial vehicle.

The outside of the truck is not the only place that changes have been made, as the interior has a compelling list of improvements of its own. This includes a high-end infotainment and audio system that even features a dedicated subwoofer for drivers who really want to crank up the volume when listening to music.

Arctic Trucks have even integrated an HDMI input so that other devices can be plugged in and take advantage of the nine-inch touchscreen display while on the move. This may have limited applications for most owners, but since just 10 of these trucks will be sold in the UK, it is unlikely to be an issue.

With a price of just over £44,000, it is clear that this exclusive D-Max iteration is more of a publicity stunt than anything else. But it helps to keep Isuzu’s range relevant at a time when stiff competition from VW and Mercedes-Benz is putting traditional pickup producers under pressure.

The more mainstream of the two D-Max unveilings from the past week involves the Yukon Luxe Extended Cab model, which sits at a mid-point between the standard cab version and the crew cab model, according to Business Vans.

The high-end Yukon trim comes with plenty of features, including leather upholstery that is picked out in a black and red colour combo, an easy to use tailgate and 18 inch alloy rims. Meanwhile, the larger cab will mean that there is a bit more storage space on board, which should make life easier for owners who want to avoid having to splash out for the larger versions of the D-Max without compromising on practicality.

Pricing for this model will kick off at just over £22,500 before VAT is taken into consideration, making it a little more expensive than the standard non-Luxe variant of this particular truck.

All of the D-Max trucks sold in the UK come with Euro 6 compliant engines, 3.5 tonnes of towing capacity and around 1.1 tonnes of onboard load-carrying potential. With the ability to achieve an efficiency rating of 40 miles to the gallon and plenty of configuration options, including basic spec set-ups and more luxurious variants, buyers do not need to settle for something that does not meet their needs but can choose the right pickup at the right price point.


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