Latest D-Max Pickups to Be Showcased at APF 2016

The Isuzu D-Max Cherry Picker at the CV Show 2016

The Isuzu D-Max Cherry Picker at the CV Show 2016

This week the APF 2016 conference has been taking place at Warwickshire’s Ragley Hall, with people from across the world of forestry in attendance to check out the latest products and services associated with their industry.

Isuzu is just one of the commercial vehicle manufacturers with a presence at the event, bringing with it three specially adapted iterations of its D-Max pickup truck and demonstrating their benefits to the crowds of potential customers.

Showcasing Modifications

The standard D-Max offers an impressive undiluted off-road experience in its own right, with four-wheel drive and a powerful diesel engine that benefits from a pair of turbo chargers, increasing its performance without compromising efficiency. Furthermore, the payload capacity of 1085kg means that it can shoulder a little more weight than many of its rivals, which makes it ripe for adaptation to specific tasks.

This is exactly what Isuzu is looking to emphasise at AFP 2016, since it has been showcasing the cherry picker modification of the D-Max carried out by third-party experts. Equipped with a working platform mounted on a telescopic boom on the load bed, this is an ideal investment for businesses which require workers to operate effectively and safely at heights which are not reachable by other means.

When it comes to forestry and woodland management, such a vehicle has obvious applications and benefits. And in fact the D-Max cherry picker has been specifically set up with this kind of work in mind, since the body also comes equipped with plenty of storage for tools and other useful equipment.

An Impressive Array of Technology

While it may be a practical machine, the D-Max can also be specified with an impressive array of technology that makes the in-cab experience feel more luxurious and well appointed than is normally the case with a commercial vehicle. At the upper end of the range, the Yukon model comes with an infotainment system, leather upholstery, a steering wheel with integrated multimedia controls, alloy wheels and lots of snazzy exterior detailing.

The D-Max has to fend off competing pickups like the Toyota Hilux and the Mitsubishi L200, both of which have been long-standing staples of this marketplace for many years, meaning they can easily be found second-hand at affordable price points. And with newcomers like the Fiat Fullback on the horizon, it is important for the incumbents to differentiate themselves with these customised industry-specific bodies.

APF 2016 concludes tomorrow, and it is not just a commercial vehicle show but also encompasses various aspects of forestry and arboriculture, with visitors able to enjoy machinery demonstrations as well as a pair of major championship events covering the disciplines of pole-climbing and chainsaw carving.

With the vast majority of the 17,000 attendees reported to represent industry organisations, according to Business Vans, this is without a doubt a practical and business-focused show. But in amongst the hundreds of exhibitor stands there is also time for relaxation and fun, with fine weather likely to make the event’s outdoor events more popular.

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