Vito Vans Scrutinised Over Emissions Claims

Vito Vans Scrutinised Over Emissions Claims

Vito Vans Scrutinised Over Emissions Claims

Mercedes-Benz is the latest automaker to become embroiled in a scandal relating to vehicle emissions - specifically over claims that its Vito vans have been found with test-subverting devices on board.

Reuters reports that government investigators in its native Germany are looking into whether or not there is a need to consider this case more closely, with a recall of the offending LCVs in the works at the moment.

Parent firm Daimler is facing the brunt of the questioning, although for the time being it seems to be eager to defend itself and rebuff claims that it has deliberately attempted to trick its way past emissions tests, according to Engadget.

Inside information which appeared in the German press seems to suggest that there were a number of techniques developed to bypass the testing process, with a particular eye to getting vans and cars past regulators in North America.

Software which allows vehicles to drive for 16 miles with optimal emissions reduction in place before reverting to less clean operations for the rest of the journey was reportedly created by Daimler’s engineers.

Another software trick which is capable of working out not just when testing is taking place but what metrics are being measured was also mentioned.

A spokesperson for the company said that leaked documents which have been used to support claims of the alleged wrongdoing were chosen selectively, thus not revealing the full picture of events. He said that this action was taken maliciously, with the intent to damage the reputation of Daimler and by association Mercedes-Benz.

Two and a half years ago, when the diesel-gate scandal broke and VW was implicated, the manufacturer was fairly quick to concede that it had installed cheat devices on many thousands of vehicles.

Most were fixed via straightforward updates, but the cost to the company was great and the damage to its reputation is still being felt around the world.

The fact that Daimler is not throwing in the towel at this stage suggests that it is at least confident of its ability to take on regulatory and legal challenges to its past actions in relation to emissions testing. But this does create an air of uncertainty around its brand which might not lift until investigations have concluded.

This comes just a couple of weeks after the new Sprinter van range was launched, complete with the news that an all-electric model will be released next year.

Mercedes-Benz is investing vast sums in the development of zero-emissions cars and vans, much like the other major players in the automotive market at the moment. And in a few year’s time, stories about past emissions scandals like this will seem incredibly archaic.

That does not mean that the firm can afford to have its brand tarnished today. For the time being, Vito owners in the UK do not need to take any action, but this may not be the case for ever if the scandal continues to build up momentum.


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