Stylish New Sprinter Van revealed by Mercedes-Benz

Stylish New Sprinter Van revealed by Mercedes-Benz

Stylish New Sprinter Van revealed by Mercedes-Benz

Next year the Sprinter range is being updated with an all-new generation arriving. And Mercedes-Benz has begun building early publicity for the van by releasing an artistic rendering of how it will look.

Major aesthetic changes will give the Sprinter a more aggressive, toned look up front, with a large grille and an oversized badge leaving no doubt about the company responsible for creating it.

Observers have pointed out that the next-generation Sprinter actually borrows a number of design cues from the self-driving Vision van concept that Mercedes-Benz touted at a number of trade shows late last year. While a lot of the high-end technology from this prototype is unlikely to be carried over, it is good to see that it is having some influence over product development.

Another obvious change which is being brought about by the new design comes in the form of the enlarged windscreen and door windows, which should boost visibility within the cab and give drivers fewer obstructions to worry about when making manoeuvres.

Safety and manoeuvrability will be further enhanced through the inclusion of an array of sensors and semi-automated systems that should govern things like emergency braking and other important driver assists that are becoming increasingly common. Now that rivals like VW are offering enhanced safety technology as standard in their LCVs, Mercedes-Benz cannot afford to fall behind the curve with its own vans.

In addition to being more stylistically arresting and safe than its forebears, the new Sprinter should also be a lot more flexible in terms of the wheelbase lengths and body types that it will support. This is a core part of the Mercedes-Benz strategy moving forwards with this range, giving customers more choice from day one.

In an official statement from the manufacturer, it said that it aims to make the Sprinter a great choice for as broad a variety of businesses and transport needs as possible rather than limiting it needlessly with restrictive design choices. The solid reputation of the range was also mentioned, along with a commitment to making sure that it was priced competitively and affordable to run.

Although the official launch date of the new Sprinter has yet to be confirmed, it will likely hit the market in the UK and the rest of Europe next spring. In the interim it is expected that more details will be drip-fed to the media to keep potential buyers interested.

Having to compete with the Ford Transit and VW Crafter will make things tougher for the Sprinter, especially as its major rivals have received their own overhauls or are set to before it arrives on the market itself. The appeal that the Mercedes-Benz brand holds in its own right is often enough to sway buyers with the cash to spare, but in the world of LCVs the practical benefits of a vehicle must also be adequate to justify a purchase, so reputation is not necessarily at the top of the agenda.

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