Electric Vans from Nissan Chosen to Help Run Naval Headquarters

Commodore Jeremy Rigby, Naval Base Commander, alongside Nissan e-NV200 Combis.

Commodore Jeremy Rigby, Naval Base Commander, alongside Nissan e-NV200 Combis.

Portsmouth Naval Base is one of the most important facilities still used by the Royal Navy. It's a site which has seen many key events over the centuries, with a history dating back to the 1400s. And while it is better known for its association with water-borne craft, the running of the base is soon to be improved thanks to the addition of a large fleet of Nissan e-NV200 vans.

Business Vans reports that the 48-strong order of vans will mean that a significant proportion of the LCVs that are used in and around the base will be powered by eco-friendly electric power trains, replacing vehicles which rely solely on diesel engines.

Significant Savings

The Ministry of Defence, in a new agreement with BAE Systems, which manages the site, is also set to benefit from 59 other vans and vehicles, the majority of which will be diesel-powered. And there are expectations of significant savings which will be made as a result of the e-NV200 being given preference here.

It is projected that the base will be able to cut the CO2 emissions generated by its fleet of LCVs by up to 40%, while over the course of the next two years savings of £360,000 will be made thanks to lower fuel and running costs.

The electric vans are not being purchased as a standalone investment, as BAE Systems is also paying to add the necessary infrastructural elements to support the vehicles, including charging stations and parking spaces which are designed for EVs. This will mean that other vehicles with electric power trains will benefit, making them more viable.

Naval base spokesperson Commodore Jeremy Rigby explained that the addition of the 48 e-NV200 vans would not only benefit the running of the facility but would also have a positive environmental impact. This fits in with the Royal Navy’s commitment to improving efficiency and lowering its carbon footprint.

The e-NV200 vans adopted by the base will be used by staff in order to perform a variety of tasks, from transporting heavy equipment to moving goods pallets and other resources around the site as and when required. And because they will predominantly be used within a fixed area in Portsmouth, the potential drawbacks of their limited range will be alleviated, especially with more charging points being installed.

A Good Option for Van Buyers

Nissan offers a five-year warranty with the e-NV200 as standard, meaning it is a good option for anyone looking to buy used vans in the UK if they want to take the electric route. This range shares the same EV underpinnings as the Nissan Leaf, meaning that it produces zero emissions and requires less maintenance than older models with combustion engines, making things like oil changes obsolete.

Electric vans have other advantages, such as being much quieter than their diesel counterparts and thus less likely to be seen as a disruptive presence when used in towns and cities. And with plenty of torque provided by the electric motors, performance is not a problem.

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