Electric Nissan Vans Adopted by Yorkshire Water

Electric Nissan Vans Adopted by Yorkshire Water

Electric Nissan Vans Adopted by Yorkshire Water

The Nissan eNV200 has become the van of choice for Yorkshire Water as the organisation looks to improve the eco-friendliness and sustainability of its LCV fleet.

Within the next two years it is setting the target of shifting a fifth of its entire fleet over to zero-emissions power trains, with much of this progress made possible thanks to Nissan’s flagship electric van.

As well as meeting internal goals, this move will allow Yorkshire Water to adhere to the tougher restrictions on vehicles being proposed by Leeds City Council at the moment, which seek to improve air quality and combat the presence of the most polluting cars, vans and trucks.

Yorkshire Water has taken other steps to boost its green credentials by switching over a tenth of the electricity it uses away from un-renewable sources and moving to a more caring and efficient approach.

The eNV200 is one of the UK’s best-selling electric vans, with new prices starting from under £17,300 and a number of used examples beginning to enter circulation at the moment.

Andy Clark, Head of Procurement at Yorkshire Water, said: “We’re really excited to be starting our journey towards a vehicle fleet entirely powered by renewable energy and are proud to achieve the prestigious ‘Go Ultra Low’ status. As a sustainability-focussed business we recognise the need to lower our carbon footprint and play our part in delivering clean air in our towns and cities across Yorkshire.”

Nissan argues that its advantages are not solely linked to its environmentally conscious design: it can also save operators money over time. As well as helping to avoid the ever-increasing costs of diesel and petrol, it does not require as much maintenance and has no oil to change or complex engine components to fail.

The fact that the van can also operate without creating anywhere near as much noise as its traditional rivals means it is a much better choice for urban driving, ensuring that businesses do not disturb residents with their work outside of peak hours.

Up to 4.2 cubic metres of load area is available in the rear, with a 770 kilo weight limit making it ideal for shifting goods and equipment using standard-sized pallets.

The low floor height makes loading and unloading straightforward, and the eNV200 comes with a pair of sliding doors on either side for ease of access in tight spots.

The cab comes with lots of features, including a modern infotainment system, lots of storage space and clever smart device integration to let users make adjustments using their mobile or tablet, wherever they are. It can even keep owners up to date with the current level of charge to avoid nasty surprises.

Range is obviously an important issue when it comes to electric vans, and the eNV200 can cover around 100 miles on a single charge. This is not world-beating by any stretch of the imagination, but for businesses that only need to cover short distances on a daily basis and have easy access to charging facilities, it will be more than enough.

Various organisations like Yorkshire Water are embracing the move towards electric LCVs and zero-emissions vehicles in general. And with more choice on the market than ever before, as well as affordable used vans for sale with cleaner power trains, it is not as expensive to achieve as in the past.

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