Improved e-NV200 van announced by Nissan

Improved e-NV200 van announced by Nissan

Improved e-NV200 van announced by Nissan

As demand for electric vans increases, Nissan has cemented its position as a front-runner in this segment by launching the new e-NV200 with the promise that it should prove to be a lot more practical than its predecessor.

Revealed earlier this week at an event held in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, the e-NV200 promises to be able to travel an impressive 174 miles on a single charge, outdoing the previous generation model by a full 62 miles.

This range boost should be especially relevant at a time when more businesses are considering whether or not to invest in an electric LCV and may be concerned about the limitations in comparison with diesel or petrol models.

The increase in the range has been achieved by increasing the battery capacity on board, but the good news is that this has not eaten into the cargo area or diminished the load capacity of the van.

Another important aspect of the e-NV200 that was also unveiled at the event was the business-focused charging system that Nissan is launching to help customers get out and about sooner rather than later even when the battery is depleted. With a 22kW output, the fast charger will be able to bring the batteries back to 100 per cent capacity in as little as two hours, according to Auto Express.

A domestic-grade 7kW charger will achieve the same feat in five and a half hours, going hand in hand with Nissan’s efforts to build on the popularity of the Leaf passenger car.

Company spokesperson Gareth Dunsmore said that businesses were increasingly conscious of the environmental impact caused by delivery van operations in urban areas. From increased congestion to air quality issues, turning to electric LCVs is seen as a way of avoiding some of these major problems.

He explained that for organisations looking to improve the sustainability of their fleets and also to cut running costs, picking a model like the e-NV200 made a lot of sense, especially with the greater range available in this new generation of vehicles.

A hike in the charges levelled against the most polluting diesel vehicles which want to operate in London’s low-emissions zone will do more to push buyers towards electric vans, which are exempt as a result of their eco-friendliness.

The order books for the improved e-NV200 will be opened in the next couple of months, with deliveries expected to start in early 2018. In the meantime, this will mean that used van buyers will soon be able to pick from a wider selection of all-electric models as current owners part ways with their old vehicles in order to upgrade.

Because electric vans have fewer moving parts and are less mechanically complicated than traditional models, they should also be more reliable in the long term, which could further shake up the used marketplace. As long as batteries are proven to be similarly durable and affordable to replace, the electric revolution looks set to succeed.

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