Limited Edition Nissan Navara Pickup Arrives on the Market

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With impressive specifications and class-leading off-road potential, the Nissan Navara Trek -1° is an undoubtedly impactful pickup truck. Its arrival in the UK, where just 400 units will be offered, comes shortly after the launch of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, with which it shares a similar starting price of just over £35,000, according to Auto Express.

In terms of features, the Navara Trek -1° is fairly similar to the Tenka trim level on which it is based. There are plenty of changes to justify its exclusivity and higher price point, but the foundations of the vehicle are tried and tested.

Large alloys, decked out in a black paint job, match the brooding colour of the double cab LCV’s exterior. Working lights are fitted to a steel frame above the load bed to provide practical benefits as well as enhancing the styling further and helping to set it apart from its standard stable mates.

The load bed itself will be able to accommodate materials and equipment while providing protection against damage to the metal surface of the truck thanks to a cover that is included in the price of the Navara Trek -1°. And like most other pickups on the market at the moment, this truck is well suited to towing duties as well as to carrying around heavy loads on board.

The engine is the same 2.3 litre diesel unit that sits on board the other Navara pickups in the current line-up, developing a decent 187bhp thanks to its turbocharger. It is as powerful and efficient as you would hope from a modern engine without being especially cutting edge in any obvious way.

Transmission choices are between the standard six-speed manual or the costlier seven-speed automatic gearbox, so there is a degree of flexibility here, although it may irk some buyers that automatic shifting is not a basic feature given the otherwise range-topping specs on offer.

Driving the Navara Trek -1° should be a straight forward experience, even for those who are not all that used to heading off the beaten track where tricky terrain can prove challenging for less capable vehicles. It comes with hill descent control to manage speed when traversing steep inclines as well as automatic braking to prevent impacts and accidents whether on the road or off it.

Manoeuvring and parking should be simple enough thanks to the extensive camera system, which provides an all-round view of the exterior without any blind spots in place. This is accessible through the integrated display in the dash, which also plays host to the infotainment and navigation capabilities that come as standard.

Leather upholstery and all the usual bells and whistles found in modern passenger vehicles make their way into what is ostensibly a tough, hard-working truck built for commercial purposes. And with the ever growing pickup market still seeing increased interest in the UK, the Navara Trek -1° could get plenty of attention before the X-Class has even had a chance to arrive.

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