VW Taking Orders for New Crafter Van Range

The VW Crafter will be on display at this year's Commercial Vehicle Show.

The VW Crafter will be on display at this year's Commercial Vehicle Show.

British van buyers who have been won over by the appeal of the all-new VW Crafter can now place an order for this latest large panel van, with the entry-level model costing just under £24,000 before VAT is factored in, according to Auto Express.

The new Crafter first appeared back in September of 2016, and it is destined to replace the last generation of this range, bringing with it a wide array of different set-ups to accommodate the varied needs of the UK’s LCV audience.

With three different lengths and roof heights available, the Crafter will be able to go toe to toe with other large panel vans such as the Renault Master or the all-conquering Ford Transit. And with VW’s premium branding, it could gain a slight edge over its closest competitors, even with the emissions scandal still fresh in the minds of many buyers.

The Specification

The engine that powers the new Crafter is a 2.0 litre turbo diesel unit which will be offered with between 101bhp and 175bhp at its disposal. The most powerful model of the bunch will feature a pair of turbochargers rather than one, giving it plenty of torque as well as fairly sporty performance capabilities, at least in a straight line.

Unusually for a large van, the new Crafter will be offered with either two- or four-wheel drive. It is also possible to choose whether the two-wheel-drive models send their power to the front or rear axles, with this being determined by the size of the van and the body type for extra flexibility.

Manual transmission will be the default option on most new Crafters, although an impressive DSG gearbox is available to provide automatic shifting capabilities for those that need it.

The base model comes with Bluetooth connectivity for convenient hands-free calling and other mobile-related functions. It also features rear doors that can open at up to 180 degrees for easy access when loading or unloading.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is enhanced thanks to the van’s ability to detect and counteract the effect of crosswinds when travelling on open stretches of motorway. There is even a system that checks up on the driver’s responsiveness and provides alerts in the event that they are deemed to be overly drowsy, recommending important rest stops to avoid accidents.

Higher-spec trims for the Crafter bundle in even more modern gear, including automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, parking sensors and much more. And with VW’s reputation for building sturdy and reliable interiors, the cab should feel comfortable and also be able to take plenty of punishment without showing signs of wear and tear. So buying a used Crafter will still be an excellent option for many.

Those who order the Crafter now can expect to take delivery of it this May. Although since the van is also booked in to appear at the Commercial Vehicle Show held in Birmingham a month earlier, there is still an opportunity to see it in person before making a decision.

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