Caddy 2018 Model Year Upgrades

VW Caddy 2018 Model Year

VW Caddy 2018 Model Year

All models in the compact Caddy range are set to benefit from various improvements in time for 2018, with VW outlining the boosted specs ahead of this mid-cycle update.

Business Vans reports that the Caddy is just one of VW’s vans to be receiving autonomous emergency breaking as a basic feature in a drive to dramatically increase safety levels and lessen the likelihood of collisions.

Augmented sensor systems and driver alerts will kick in when emergencies occur to further combat common calamities that might be encountered on the road. And the Caddy is following in the footsteps of VW’s entire LCV range, along with the Transporter and Crafter, by adopting such technology.

Independent experts have claimed that in the next decade the rollout of AEB solutions could cut injuries and deaths by up to 130,000, meaning that the 2018 Caddy could be the ideal choice for fleet operators and businesses that want to keep their drivers and other road users as safe as possible.

This has a knock-on impact of making insurance less expensive for LCVs that feature AEB, so anyone who buys the new Caddy will benefit.

The base-model Caddy Startline comes with a new steering wheel which has integrated controls for the entertainment unit and also features a leather trim to improve the premium feel of the cab. The next level Trendline comes with automatically adjustable air conditioning, and the flagship Highline is endowed with sat nav at no extra charge.

Caddy Engine Choices

This van is a particularly suitable choice for those who prefer a petrol engine set-up to a diesel alternative. There are a trio of petrol power plants on offer, ranging from 84PS to 125PS and all benefiting from turbochargers to improve acceleration and fuel economy.

Even the designs of the engines have been tweaked with efficiency in mind, with engineers shaving off unnecessary weight to whittle them down into lean, mean machines that are less wasteful as a result.

Standard manual transmission models are available alongside the automatic Caddy with a seven-speed gearbox that takes a lot of the effort out of driving, especially when encountering congestion.

VW spokesperson Sarah Cox said that the 2018 Caddy was not only more technically advanced than its predecessors and many of its rivals but was also more affordable, especially in its petrol guise where it offers a car-like driving experience mixed with LCV practicality.

She also said that the safety features were enough to elevate it above the competition, reflecting VW’s renewed efforts in this area across all of its vehicles.

No More Dieselgate

The focus on petrol engines is no surprise given that this German automaker is still recovering from the diesel emissions scandal that hit back in 2015. With price hikes for polluting vehicles used in London looming, such changes are coming just in time.

Of course, a used VW Caddy will be comparably capable and productive at an even lower price point, with the build quality of this range making it a great long-term prospect.

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