Improved Electric Version of Peugeot Partner Van Launched

The Peugeot Partner Electric SE L2 is being unveiled this month.

The Peugeot Partner Electric SE L2 is being unveiled this month.

As emissions regulations get tougher, van operators are looking for ways to avoid incurring additional fees, especially in urban environments where pollution charges can be very high. So the unveiling of the new Peugeot Partner Electric SE L2 this month will be greeted with enthusiasm in many regions of the UK.

The total load length of the L2 is 2.05 metres, giving it an additional 25 centimetres over and above what is already available within the zero-emissions L1 model. And this extra length also helps to boost the volume of the cargo area, which hits 3.7 cubic metres in the standard configuration and 4.1 cubic metres with the passenger seat folded out of the way.

The flexible passenger seat is a standard inclusion, and it also helps to add over 1.2 metres to the load length of the updated Partner Electric. And accessing the cargo area should be easier thanks to sliding doors mounted on either side, reflecting features which are included as standard on the L1.

Ideal for a Variety of Work

As with other electric vehicles, the Partner L2 has a single-speed gearbox and a motor which produces plenty of torque as soon as the driver requires it. So this is a van that should be ideal for a variety of types of work, from hauling equipment to dealing with deliveries.

The motor itself is a 67hp unit which is efficient enough to achieve a range of 106 miles in ideal conditions. And if a recharge is required in an emergency, it takes as little as half an hour for the onboard batteries, which are built into the van beneath the floor of the cargo area, to reach 80 per cent of their capacity.

This impressive fast-charge potential is only available when the Partner is connected to a compatible charging point which offers such a feature. But as the EV infrastructure in the UK continues to improve, finding one will become less difficult.

Beating Emissions

One of the other appealing aspects of the Partner Electric L2 is that it is eligible for partial funding under the government’s current grant scheme aimed at increasing the number of plug-in EVs that are used around the UK. This is good for new buyers while also meaning that those who want to buy used vans with electric power trains will soon find that there are many more options available to them.

Beating the Congestion Charge in London and the impending implementation of further fees for emissions-producing vehicles will help business operators and fleets to shave a big part off the cost of running a van every day in the capital. So even with a higher than average asking price for an equivalent van of this size and power, the Partner Electric L2 provides a lot of ways to cut costs.

The Partner shares most of the same features as the recently unveiled electric update of the Citroen Berlingo range, albeit with different body styling and some touches which are unique to Peugeot’s range of commercial vehicles.

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