Ssangyong Release Updated Musso Pick-Up Truck

Ssangyong Release Updated Musso Pick-Up Truck

Ssangyong Release Updated Musso Pick-Up Truck

In an effort to keep up with increasing expectations, South Korean automaker Ssangyong has overhauled its Musso range of pickup trucks.

British buyers will be able to get their hands on the new Musso starting in the summer. And with lots more kit included as standard as well as aesthetic improvements on the cards, it could be an attractive alternative to premium brand models like the Nissan Navara and VW Amarok.

The frame of the truck is built from strengthened steel, which is designed to give it improved rigidity so that it is both safer and more stable than its predecessors. This should also benefit the handling, whether on the tarmac or on surfaces that are a little more challenging.

Under the bonnet is a revamped 2.2 litre engine which develops a decent 181bhp - this is a slight upgrade. The pulling power has also been upped slightly, so it should not struggle as much when towing heavier loads.

The tow capacity remains at 3.5 tonnes, while the load bed can accommodate a little over a tonne of material or equipment. This should make it a capable choice for business users, whether in the construction industry or as part of an agricultural operation.

Both manual and automatic transmissions are on offer, with an all-wheel-drive system kicking in when required to improve traction. This means that it does not send power to all four wheels on a permanent basis, which helps with fuel efficiency.

With 215mm of ground clearance, the Musso should be able to clear obstacles and take uneven terrain in its stride. The load bed is large enough to accommodate a standard Euro pallet, which is to be expected in an LCV of this kind.

In the cab things get even more impressive. An eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system is now available on all models, while a slightly more expensive edition of this same set-up can be synchronised with Android and iOS smartphones for improved multimedia functionality.

Attractive trim elements, decent materials and durable upholstery all go together to make the new Musso seem like a real step up from the outgoing models.

Pricing in the UK has not been revealed at the moment, but it is assumed that it will be fairly similar to the existing Ssangyong trucks. This should mean that the base model will cost less than £17,000 when it arrives in the middle of the year.

This is around £5,000 less than the equivalent Ford Ranger and almost £7,000 less than the aforementioned Navara. Meanwhile, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class with its £30,000 plus price point will look much less cost-effective when put alongside the cheap but capable Musso.

With pickup sales still on the rise in the UK, there is no reason to doubt that this new model will not find favour with buyers in this country. While its brand recognition may not match that of its rivals, the stellar price point and impressive equipment should give it the ability to succeed in this market.

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