2006 Model Ford Ranger Review

Ford Ranger 2006 Model

Ford Ranger 2006 Model

The 2006 model Ford Ranger’s design is clearly influenced by the American pick ups that clog the freeways across the continent, although it sharees no mechanical components in common with its US cousin.  A large grille imposes itself over the large frontage – nothing subtle in the styling of the pickup.  The vehicle itself is a rebadged version of the Mazda B Series pick up, (as was the original RAnger, launched in 1998).

Ranger Drivertrain

In the engine department, Ranger pickup buyers get Ford’s 2500cc common rail engine rated at 143PS – a massive increase when compared to the previous model’s modest 109PS.  Cutting turbo lag and giving the driver a more immediate response is down to the use of a clever variable vane turbocharger.  The 2.5 litre diesel is mated to a 5-speed gearbox with no automatic option.

Making the Ranger a more pleasant place to be compared to the outgoing model, the Ranger has had the cooling system improved – and of course the common rail diesel engine is much quieter than the previous model. Strengthening in the engine mounts and chassis itself means there is less rattling and thicker carpets make the driver feel more relaxed in his quieter environment.

The Ford Ranger has a modern interior for a pick up.  Broad shouldered seats with a sculpted rear and big headrests make the Ranger a more comfortable place to be.  Storing your bits and pieces is also easier – no less than 5 places to hold your drinks and somewhere to store your paperwork.  Turn up the CD player with MP3 ability – especially if you opt for the 6 stacker and extra speakers.

The rear of the Ranger pick up has been increased in height by 6cm to improve load volumes to fit in the 1000kg payload (don’t forget the Ranger can now tow three tonnes as well – make sure you have the correct licence though).

No longer just a mud-plugger, the Ford Ranger 4x4 pick up also has to take the family on outings.  This means that the levels of safety have to meet that of passenger cars.  The Ford Ranger comes with driver and passenger airbags as standard – you can also upgrade to side bags too.  You can even order the ISOFIX fittings for baby seats in the Ford Ranger.  As standard you also get ABS on all models.

You’d like a job in the Ford Ranger testing department – journey to Japan, South Africa and the deserts of Arizona.  Include Thailand, Nepal and Borneo to name just a few.

Go for the top Ford Ranger Thunder model and you get lots of extra chrome, skin and wind, CD player and some great dials that you’ll never need.

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