Mitsubishi L200 Pre 2006 Review

Mitsubishi L200 4 Life 2005 Model

Mitsubishi L200 4 Life 2005 Model

The Mitsubishi L200 pickup range first came to the UK in 1988 in the single and the more popular crew cab versions. Rugged and reliable, it spent many years as the best seller in this market segment. 4Work models are aimed primarily at commercial users, while 4Life, Warrior and Animal versions target small business users who need their work vehicle to do duty as a family car too.

Pre-2006 Models

Prior to 2006 the L200 was essentially unchanged from its launch. Powered by a 2.5 litre turbodiesel engine, it’s available in 88bhp and 113bhp versions with the option of a more powerful 137bhp variant.

While 4Work models are pretty basic, top-spec models have many car-like features to tempt buyers away from more conventional 4x4s. 4Life versions have alloy wheels plus electric mirrors and windows; Warrior and Animal models add a CD player, air con, smarter alloys and a number of styling changes. Options on the Animal include a DVD player for rear-seat passengers and leather trim. Central locking and an immobiliser are standard across the range, but anti-lock brakes are an option. Top models do come with driver and passenger air bags as standard.

Although not as refined as a modern car, the L200 performs well on the road in two-wheel-drive mode, especially when fitted with the 137bhp engine. Off-road the Mitsubishi is in its element, with four-wheel-drive, good axle articulation and high ground clearance giving it true go-anywhere ability.

It can carry up to 1,160kg in single cab versions with a 2,245mm long load deck (1,500mm in crew cab versions). There are internal and external lashing points as standard, and a variety of add-on covers are available to turn it into a covered van. The L200 should be able to return around 25mpg, but service intervals are a relatively short 9,000 miles.

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