VW Transporter Tip-Up Launched

Volkswagen Transporter Tipper Tip up Ingimex

Volkswagen Transporter Tipper Tip up Ingimex

An official tipper body variant of the Transporter van has been launched this month by Volkswagen.

Known as the Transporter Tip-Up, this body type will be available on T30 and T32 models, with payload capacities of 800kg and 1000kg respectively for these models.

The body conversion firm behind this adaptation, Ingimex, also offers Transporter T6 vans with drop side bodies that can cope with materials and equipment weighing up to 1.2 tonnes for those that need a little more capacity.

VW spokesperson Nick Axtell said that the marketplace for mid-sized vans with tipper bodies was growing at the moment, giving the Transporter a good opportunity to establish itself more thoroughly and win over prospective customers from rival automakers.

He also pointed out that the Transporter was already a popular van range, with a number of industry awards under its belt in its current guise. So by expanding the options to include officially sanctioned variations based on the same platform, VW could broaden the potential appeal of its LCVs across the board.

The Transporter Tip-Up will come with a single cab set-up, but for those looking to buy used vans with tipper bodies there are lots of different options if this does not provide enough flexibility. Double and crew cab versions of popular vans like the Ford Transit can be found with drop side and tipper bodies in place, with both second-hand and nearly new models readily available.

What the Transporter range does offer that is more appealing than some of its rivals is the prestige of VW’s badge on the bonnet, as well as some clever forward-looking features on board.

Euro 6-compliant diesel engines are a standard feature on the latest models, with power outputs ranging from 84PS to 204PS. There are manual transmissions as well as an impressive dual-clutch automatic gearbox available, with the latter providing especially streamlined performance.

Autonomous emergency braking is fitted as standard on all new Transporter vans, so this will apply to the Tip-Up models that are sold in the UK and across Europe. This helps to prevent collisions and provide driver alerts in real time, whether that's while driving on city streets or motorways.

LED headlights can be specified on the Transporter, along with smart features to manage the brightness of the beams whatever the time of day or the weather conditions outside.

The cab is comfortable and provides plenty of technology options, from climate control and parking cameras to sat nav and entertainment features with excellent mobile integration for calls and smart device synchronisation. So while some vans might feel a little basic on the inside, the Transporter does its best to give buyers their money’s worth.

Although the addition of the tipper bodies to the Transporter will be carried out by a third party, the endorsement of VW is a sign that this work will be of the highest standards and that long-term maintenance of the van will be easy to carry out at any number of locations

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