Toyota Unveils Unique Hilux Pickup

The Hilux Tonka Concept model

The Hilux Tonka Concept model

The Toyota Hilux is one of the best-selling pickup trucks on the global market, as well as benefiting from almost five decades of history to give it a rock-solid reputation for reliability and off-road performance.

Now the Japanese manufacturer has created a special edition of the Hilux to commemorate its success, branding it with the logo for toy-truck maker Tonka and kitting it out with all of the bells and whistles imaginable, according to Auto Express.

Making Changes

The Hilux Tonka Concept model not only has a custom paint job but also sits on heightened suspension which gives it a full 15 centimetres of additional ground clearance compared with its mass-produced siblings. The suspension system is also much beefier, meaning it can cope with serious lumps, bumps and even jumps over tricky terrain.

Added to this are a set of four hard-wearing tyres which measure 35 inches across and feature a tread pattern that can dig into even slippery or sandy surfaces and give the truck traction.

Other changes include the addition of a snorkel exhaust system to enable the pickup to survive drives into relatively deep bodies of water which would otherwise result in the engine being flooded. The sporty bonnet, LED working lights and front-mounted guard make it an intimidating and impressive sight which Toyota hopes will be seen as the ultimate toy for adults.

Under the skin is a 2.8 litre turbo diesel power plant which develops a solid 175bhp - this is equivalent to the engine on board other flagship Hilux models.

The load bed is equipped with a carbon-fibre tailgate that is both durable and light. There is also a frame built into the back which is designed to ensure that any equipment stored in the rear can be kept safely and securely, even when the truck is taking on uneven surfaces at moderate speeds.

The interior of the double-cab pickup has all the impressive features that are to be expected from a high-end LCV of this kind, including tinted windows, an infotainment system and leather seats for the driver and passengers.

A One-Off

Anyone hoping to invest in this custom Hilux will be disappointed, as Toyota has conceived it as a one-off and will be using it to promote its vehicles at major events rather than turning it into a full production model.

The good news is that the majority of the features it offers can already be accessed on board standard Hilux pickups or added later by those buyers who believe them to be necessary.

The Hilux is available in both single- and double-cab configurations, making it great for both practical commercial purposes as well as everyday motoring. And as pickup sales continue to increase, eclipsing the popularity of SUVs in the LCV marketplace in the UK, the Hilux will remain a top contender.

Rival pickups from firms such as Fiat, VW and Mercedes-Benz are setting out to shake things up, but Toyota’s past successes are securing the position of the Hilux going forwards.

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