London Charity Supplied with Electric Renault Vans

London Charity Supplied with Electric Renault Vans

London Charity Supplied with Electric Renault Vans

Zero-emissions editions of the Renault Kangoo panel van have been supplied to a charity based in the capital which aims to slash the amount of food which is wasted by businesses, according to

Renault spokesperson Vincent Tourette said that partnering with the Felix Project and providing an electric LCV was something that his firm was happy to do to help promote the important projects operated by the charity.

One of the reasons that an electric van is an important asset to any business operating in London is that a new emissions charge was introduced in October this year, resulting in the most polluting vehicles being eligible for an extra £10 daily fee on top of the existing congestion charge.

However, the Kangoo Van Z.E. is exempt from all fees usually applicable in the capital, which helps drive down operating costs for organisations in all sectors.

In its latest form Renault’s flagship electric van offers a payload capacity of 640kg, and it can be recharged completely in around six hours. And like the growing number of EVs on the market, this model is surprisingly well equipped with modern technology to make it more convenient to live and work with on a daily basis.

The remaining range is displayed in real time on the dash so that there is never any ambiguity over how much further it can travel before it needs to be plugged in to charge. And with various intelligent energy recovery systems, the battery can stay topped up for longer while the van is on the move.

Another useful feature is the pre-heating mode, which can be programmed to kick in while the van is charging so that when the driver climbs inside, the interior is pleasantly warm rather than freezing cold during the winter months.

Buyers can specify the inclusion of the R-Link infotainment system, which can be synchronised with modern mobile devices and includes voice-operated functionality so that drivers can keep their hands on the wheel while still making changes to settings.

Other features such as rear parking sensors will make manoeuvring a breeze, while an integrated rain sensor means that the windscreen wipers can activate themselves whenever showers start to fall, again reducing distractions and fatigue levels for the driver.

The load space can be configured in a number of different ways, with various options such as a full steel bulkhead and a mesh bulkhead available. The passenger seat can even be folded away to add extra load length, while an optional roof flap at the rear can be added to deliver similar advantages.

There is a crew cab model available, although in the case of the Felix Project this was not required and the standard panel van has been chosen. The Renault Kangoo Z.E. van will now go to work collecting food from supermarkets and other outlets throughout London’s central regions so that it does not go to waste even if its sell-by date has been and gone.

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