Official Unveiling of Updated Kangoo ZE Conducted by Renault

The new Renault Kangoo ZE offers 50% more driving range than the previous model.

The new Renault Kangoo ZE offers 50% more driving range than the previous model.

French firm Renault has been at the forefront of the movement to introduce zero-emissions vehicles to the LCV marketplace, although its earlier offerings were hampered by over-inflated claims about their range.

The freshly enhanced Kangoo ZE van is an all-electric offering which seeks to address this main complaint, outdoing its precursor in terms of practicality and also taking a more honest approach to real-world performance.

Meet the Updated Renault Kangoo ZE

The revised Kangoo ZE has a lot of selling points in its favour, including the official range of 168 miles, which is 50% higher than the outgoing model, according to Commercial Fleet.

Furthermore, there are figures relating to the likely range of the van in different seasons, as outside temperature can impact battery performance and change how quickly its charge is depleted. In the height of summer, it is rated for a range of 124 miles, while in winter it will be able to travel 84 miles before it runs out of power.

Its ameliorated cold weather capabilities are made possible thanks to the inclusion of a heat pump, which helps to fight back against the chilly weather and keep the batteries working more efficiently, although this is still a sign that EVs suffer from some downsides that are not present in traditional diesel vans.

The Kangoo ZE’s entire power train has been updated, as it is not just the better batteries that result in it being a more appealing potential purchase for businesses. The electric motor is also a new creation, designed and built in-house by Renault rather than sourced from any third-party manufacturer.

By building more of the components itself, Renault is able to drive down some of the costs which would otherwise be associated with its electric van projects, so the Kangoo ZE should be a little more affordable as a result.

Increased Driving Range

The charging time cited for the Kangoo ZE in its latest iteration is six hours, meaning that it will need to be left overnight in most cases to reach its full capacity. However, its increased range should make it capable of a full day’s work in urban environments, and the growing number of charging points should make interim top-ups an option.

Renault’s launch of this electric van included a number of press shots showing off the different body types which are available to choose, from standard panel van to custom tool carrier to drop side tipper. So it is not limiting customers to a single format but instead trying to show just how versatile a zero-emissions LCV can be, in spite of preconceptions.

Manufacturers are often accused of over-stating the capabilities of their new vehicles, often in relation to emissions levels and fuel efficiency. But recent scandals are forcing increased honesty, and Renault is definitely taking this lesson to heart, since the Kangoo ZE’s real-world performance is laid bare for all to see, making sure that customers have a true idea of what it can achieve.

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