Scrappage Scheme to Boost Electric Van Sales Launched by Renault

Scrappage Scheme to Boost Electric Van Sales Launched by Renault

Scrappage Scheme to Boost Electric Van Sales Launched by Renault

The recently improved Renault Kangoo ZE is an attractive zero-emissions LCV in its own right, but a new deal launched by its manufacturer is set to make it even more affordable.

Like similar scrappage schemes announced in recent months by its rivals, Renault is aiming to get businesses to part ways with older vans which do not comply with the latest emissions standards via a discount on its clean, green electric models.

The cost of the Kangoo ZE33 can be reduced by up to £2000 on top of any other offers when an LCV registered prior to the start of 2011 is traded in, according to Commercial Fleet.

Last autumn a number of updates to the electric power train of the Kangoo ZE were made, with an all-new battery giving it a much greater range than earlier examples. It can now cover an impressive 170 miles before recharging is required, making it well suited to short and mid-distance journeys.

The largest of the current models has a cargo volume of 4.3 cubic metres, which has not been compromised by the addition of a bigger and better battery. There is also a crew van edition which has enough room on board for a driver and four passengers, providing added versatility where needed.

The advertised range of EVs can sometimes be misleading, but the Kangoo ZE keeps things simple with a real-time display which shows how long is left until it needs to be charged. It also indicates when energy is being recovered from the regenerative braking and other systems while encouraging drivers to behave as economically as possible to improve efficiency.

Even the tyres are built around the conservation of energy, offering lower rolling resistance than basic models while still ensuring that there is enough grip available to make the van safe and stable.

Car-like handling and manoeuvrability mean that this LCV is not a struggle to use from day to day. It can also be supplied with ply lining pre-installed to provide protection for the bodywork.

Buyers can even specify the addition of a rear roof flap which opens up to accommodate longer items that would not otherwise fit with the doors closed. And there are plenty of other optional extras to pick, including a hinged mesh bulkhead partition.

Entertainment and navigation are handled via the R-Link system, with supported Bluetooth connectivity and other services along with downloadable apps that can expand its features over time. It benefits from intuitive voice-controlled interactions, which means that drivers can keep their hands on the wheel while changing settings.

Vans which do not comply with at least Euro 5 regulations on emissions are becoming costlier to run in the UK, especially with the charges that now apply for using polluting vehicles in London. This makes scrappage schemes more appealing, especially if an electric LCV is available as a replacement. With its established position in the market, the Kangoo ZE stands a good chance of winning over yet more businesses.

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