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Vauxhall Corsavan

Vauxhall Corsavan

Before 2007, building a small car-derived van was quite a simple affair for the manufacturers. All you had to do was take a small hatchback, panel over the rear windows and chuck the back seat out and it was job done. Clearly, there was room for a little more in the way of sophistication, and in 2008 this little revolution came along in the shape of the joint project between Citroen,Fiat and Peugeot to launch the Nemo, Fiorino and Bipper small 'hi-cube' vans, which are essentially the same vans rebadged to reflect the identity of each manufacturer. The main difference between these and other car-derived vans was that they offered a more rugged interior, better suited to the rough and tumble of the van world. And the load volume was huge in comparison with those previous vans, making the new generation far more productive and versatile.

You might think that it would be game over for those little hatchback vans, but somehow they have managed to endure. At first glance, this might look like a bit of a conundrum: why would someone want a less capacious van? The answer might be that, for some operators and owners at least, load space isn't the be all and end all. If you know that your load will fit easily into the hatchback van's load area, then why would you need to go for something larger? The next factor is perhaps due to cosmetics. A smaller load bay might not attract the eyes of the fleet manager, but happy employees might enjoy it. The Vauxhall Corsavan looks just like a sporty little hot hatch from most angles, and if you are an employee, such as an IT repair person or someone with modest load needs, then you probably don't want to be lumbered with a van. Models such as the Vauxhall Corsavan allow employers to hand out vans that look more like company cars, and that can be a great attraction for staff. It also handles just like a car because essentially it is one, so the ride and driving experience can be a little more pleasant.

Lift the bonnet and you will find a perfectly capable 1.3 litre common rail diesel engine conforming to Euro V rules. It delivers an ample 75bhp and 140 lb-ft of torque. It does fall down a little compared with those hi-cube vans because it doesn't get the stop-start fuel-saving system as standard, which could be considered an oversight on a van that is mostly designed to ply its trade on congested city streets. Nonetheless, it manages 67.3 mpg and 112 g/km of CO2. This is fair but not quite up to the standards of the Fiestavan in its ECOnetic guise.

What is more surprising is that the payload is not so different from the hi-cube trio. You get 550kg as opposed to 660kg in the bigger vans. Where it does suffer in comparison is in the loading bay volume. The Vauxhall Corsavan has just a shade under one metre cubed, while the others can manage 2.5 cubic metres.

The spec level of the Vauxhall Corsavan is good, with ABS, electronic brake force distribution, emergency brake assist, deadlocks, an engine immobiliser and electric door mirrors. If you or your staff are looking for a sharp little van, and space is not an issue, a used Vauxhall Corsavan could be just the job.

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