Vauxhall Movano Model Range Review

Vauxhall Movano in white LWB - Van Review

Vauxhall Movano in white LWB - Van Review

Vauxhall’s key aims with the Movano are to offer a van which is spacious, capacious and flexible - all criteria which are sure to be at the top of the agenda for any organisation that is in the market for a used van. Based on the Renault Master but rebadged by Vauxhall, this van has emerged in many guises over the years, from a standard panel model to a long wheelbase minibus and even an ambulance.

The Movano Emerges

While the Movano has only been around since 1998, its first generation is actually built on the second iteration of the aforementioned Master platform. And with a facelift rolled out in 2003, it is in the noughties period that the range really comes into its own and embraces many of the benefits of the modern era. Taking on alternatives like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Ford Transit, there are a multitude of body lengths and roof heights from amongst which to pick a used example. And as you would expect from a large van, the Movano is also available with a double-cab configuration so that working crews can clamber aboard together with plenty of room to spare.

A multitude of diesel engines are used to kit out the range, with the 2.2 and 2.5 litre diesel power plants being amongst the most commonly chosen. Both manual and automatic gearboxes can be found. And because of the sheer amount of variety that is encompassed within this range, it is important to check the specifications of used models carefully to find out exactly which combination of components and capabilities are on offer. Another advantage is that running costs are low and reliability levels remain high even amongst used examples, with the ubiquity of Vauxhall parts and servicing centres making it easy to justify investment.

The interior of the original Movano is sturdily built if somewhat underwhelming by current standards. But the good news is that, even after years of use, it is tough enough to maintain its composure and even second-hand models with lots of miles on the clock should still look presentable if properly maintained.

Ecological Updates

In its second generation, introduced in 2010, the Movano made a number of major improvements to the same basic underlying formulate. Class-leading payload capacities at a number of weight categories are on offer, with gross vehicle weights of between 2.8 and 4.5 tonnes available. This is also true of trailed towing capacities, bringing this van into contention as one of the market’s most effective cargo and equipment movers.

Aside from the still impressive selection of body styles and sizes, the real selling point of newer Movano models is the engine technology under the bonnet and the work that Vauxhall has put in to make the vans as efficient and eco-friendly as possible. Each of the turbocharged 2.3 litre CDTi power plants can benefit from the addition of the ecoFLEX system, which is essentially identical to the automatic engine stop-start functionality found on passenger cars that prevents unnecessary fuel consumption during idle periods. So when at traffic lights or while stuck in congestion, the modern Movano will consume far less diesel than its predecessors. And with Bi-turbo models available, it offers more power without coming at the expense of green operation. Achieving up to 41 miles to the gallon is a possibility if it is driven economically, while carbon emissions can be as low as 184 grams per kilometre. Businesses looking to improve their environmental credentials will be pleased with all that this range has to offer.

Load volumes range from 7.8 to 17 cubic litres, and there are multiple conversions of the Movano available, including box vans, drop-side pickups and more. The interior is also a practical workspace for drivers and passengers, with seemingly endless storage compartments offered alongside a table surface built into the fold-down middle seat. Comfort can be enhanced with optional extras, including air conditioning and climate control, while additions like cruise control and satellite navigation built into the dash are also offered.

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