Volkswagen Caddy Bluemotion 1.6 Review

VW Caddy Bluemotion

VW Caddy Bluemotion

Vans have many vital properties to offer, but lately fuel economy has certainly been close to the top of most buyers' lists. With fuel prices high, it is no wonder that many manufacturers have focused heavily on bringing out new models that have superb fuel economy. What is more, this economy is often tied to producing lower emissions, which in turn attracts less road tax. Both of these features result in a van that delivers economy as well as loads.

One such example is the VW Caddy Bluemotion 1.6. This is VW's most efficient Caddy to date and returns an incredible 60mpg-plus fuel consumption on the combined cycle. To give some context, that is almost 12 mpg better than the previous Caddy. At the same time, the VW Caddy Bluemotion 1.6 emits just 119g/km CO2. To achieve all of this, the Caddy has cruise control, hill hold assist, brake energy recuperation and a start-stop feature. It also has the standard VW Bluemotion features. The VW Caddy Bluemotion 1.6 is also distinguished by attractive black and contrasting blue interior trim, multi-spoke wheel covers and body-coloured guard strips on the sides. All Caddys also come with electronic stability control, a full bulkhead and remote central locking. There are also options for air-con, body-coloured mirrors and doors and reversing sensors.

The VW Caddy Bluemotion 1.6 is perhaps not as stylish looking as the Ford Transit Connect, but what it lacks in the looks department it certainly makes up for in the build-quality stakes. This is most apparent in the cabin, where the simple finish is rock solid with no rattles whatsoever. The seats are a particular highlight. They may seem firm at first, but they offer fabulous support in the lumbar region, and this will be especially appreciated by those who spend much of their day behind the wheel. Some might suspect that the VW engineers have removed all of the oomph and fun to get the VW Caddy Bluemotion 1.6 to perform so frugally, but actually this is not the case at all. The van feels responsive and keen, and the power steering is beautifully weighted, to make driving this van easy but also engaging. The gearbox is also slick and smooth, allowing for rapid gear changes.

The VW Caddy Bluemotion 1.6 does have a mesh top to the bulkhead, which can be useful for seeing what is in the back but does let a bit of noise through to the cabin from the load space. Payload in that load space is a modest 544kg, but the actual area available is an impressive 1.24m high by 1.78m long, so it is capable of taking quite bulky loads.

The compact van market is becoming increasingly competitive, and it takes a lot for a van in this sector to stand out. The VW Caddy Bluemotion 1.6 won't do it by claiming a huge load capability or a bargain price tag, but it can more than hold its own when it comes to economy and build quality.

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