Improved Warranty Offered on VW Crafter Van Range

Improved Warranty Offered on VW Crafter Van Range

Improved Warranty Offered on VW Crafter Van Range

The Volkswagen Crafter was revamped last year, ushering in a new generation of this already respected family of vans. Now the German automaker has decided to show a little more faith in its workmanship and update the terms of the warranty to reflect this, according to Commercial Fleet.

Initially, the Crafter was sold with a warranty which covered it against mechanical faults for the first three years or until 60,000 miles had been driven. However, given that vans of this kind tend to spend a lot of time on the road, it was clear that the mileage limit was a bit restrictive and could leave some customers high and dry long before three years had passed.

Now the updated warranty keeps the Crafter protected for the same period of time, but the mileage cap has been removed altogether. So no matter how much ground a model has covered, it will still be eligible for free repairs if a manufacturing defect is detected further down the line.

This is not just good news for businesses that invest in a brand new example but also for those who buy a used VW Crafter while it is still under warranty, as it will give added peace of mind and could help to bolster the values of this range on the second-hand market.

Volkswagen spokesperson Trevor Hodgson-Phillips said that this action was taken to give customers confidence in the Crafter and also to help them out in the event of an unforeseen flaw coming to light.

Although it has a high payload capacity and a variety of body options at its disposal, the Crafter is also built for use in the city and not just to tackle longer-distance transport tasks.

It benefits from a parking assist system that makes manoeuvring much less complicated, so removing a lot of the guesswork and limiting the likelihood of a collision occurring at low speeds.

Autonomous emergency braking is included as standard on all new Crafter models as well as across the entire LCV line-up currently offered by VW. This helps to prevent accidents by checking the distance to the vehicle in front and applying the brakes if the driver does not respond quickly enough in an emergency.

There is also a post-collision braking system which kicks in if an impact does occur, bringing the van to a stop so that it does not cause any more problems even if the driver is not in a position to apply the brakes themselves.

With the ability to haul up to 1454kg of goods and equipment in its cargo area as well as a broad selection of wheelbase lengths and roof heights, the VW Crafter is a modern van with traditional practicality at its core. Now that its warranty has been upgraded, it should be an even better choice for buyers in the UK, especially those that respect the Volkswagen brand and recognise the benefits of an unlimited mileage warranty being offered.

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