VW showcases range-topping Transporter trim level

Volkswagen showcases range-topping Transporter trim level Text

Volkswagen showcases range-topping Transporter trim level Text

The Transporter is already an LCV with its sights set on the premium end of the spectrum in terms of price and equipment; now, the new Edition model introduced last week by Volkswagen takes this even further with its comprehensive array of kit and a few visual upgrades included as standard.

Business Vans reports that the Transporter Edition is powered by VW’s 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine, with outputs of 150PS or 204PS available. The power differences also translate into minor changes to the design, with the most potent model getting 18-inch alloy rims instead of the previous 17-inch units.

On the outside, the bright white paint job and black logos are offset by the blacked-out roof panel, setting the Transporter Edition apart from its siblings. It also features LED lights at the rear, giving it a distinctive appearance on the road at any time of day.

Other paint colour combinations are available, with outlandish red and yellow options alongside the more professional all-black and grey variants.

A comprehensive infotainment system built into the dash makes the interior of this van feel especially advanced. VW’s App Connect service helps to bring smartphone functionalities across from compatible iOS and Android devices, further expanding the multimedia and location-based capabilities on offer.

The display also lets drivers access the reversing camera, which combines with parking sensors at the front and rear to make manoeuvring much less stressful.

The largest panel van iteration of the Transporter Edition offers up to 5.8 cubic metres of volume within its cargo area; meanwhile, the kombi model, which has a second row of seats, has a smaller 3.5 cubic metre bay available for goods, tools and equipment.

One of the few features that is not included as standard is VW’s seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. This means that buyers will have to pay extra if they are not happy with the basic offering of a six-speed manual gearbox.

Before VAT is taken into consideration, the Transporter Edition in its panel van form comes with a price tag of just under £29,000, while the kombi model is around £1,600 more expensive.

VW has just started taking orders for this flagship trim level on one of its most popular vans and it is expected that it will take around two months for customers to receive the LCV they order.

The Transporter is currently the UK’s fourth best-selling LCV in the year to date, sitting behind the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and two versions of the Ford Transit. It could well overtake the Sprinter before the end of the year, especially as the high-end Edition looks well poised to fit into the same market segment.

With the new registration plates rolled out this month, van sales in general are expected to remain high. The Transporter’s popularity means it is also widely available on the used market, with body types and spec levels of all kinds represented, thereby creating an affordable route to VW ownership for small businesses.

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